Anti-ASIC effort not in Ethereum’s Constantinople but It is still being researched – here is an update “When mining ether won’t pay for power anymore, what will you do?”

The question – posed on an ethereum forum Thursday – is emblematic of a growing anxiety among the miners who today dedicate both computing power and machinery to securing the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency.

Grappling …
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Binance to launch fiat to crypto in Singapore – SGD/BTC SGD/ETH

On Saturday (15 September 2018), day two of the Cumberland Summit in Singapore, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, co-founder and CEO of crypto exchange Binance, probably the world’s largest crypto exchange by traded volume, “accidentally” revealed plans to launch a fiat-to-crypto exchange in Singapore. CZ…
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Top 20 Ehtereum Tokens 2018 Since the Ethereum blockchain network first launched in July 2015, some 500+ cryptocurrency projects have been built on top of it as ERC20, ERC223, or ERC777 tokens.

Many of these projects have used Ethereum as little more than an ICO platform to gain liquidity for their tokens before …
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Ethereum (ETH) Price Watch: Back in Consolidation After Rejection at $300 Ethereum Price Key Highlights

Ethereum price recently broke out of a small symmetrical triangle but has slumped back in consolidation.
A larger symmetrical triangle has formed and is still intact while price tests support.
Technical indicators suggest that the floor might still hold,…
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Ethereum Block Reward Suppression Part 1

How the proposed block reward reduction may make it impossible to achieve ROI on mining equipment

Dear friends,
Last friday I listened to a stream of the Ethereum Foundation meeting in which core developers and ETH pool members discussed whether or not and to what extent the Ethereum…
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