Use Rsync for Daily, Weekly and Full Monthly Backups (Automated SSH Login For Remote Backups) Scripts Bunch of references using rsync in different scenarios backing up automatically on local or remote server.
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048
chmod 0644 /home/cripperz/.ssh/
/usr/bin/rsync -rtvu –delete-delay…
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No Space Left On Device – Ubuntu / Linux It’s quite easy for a disk to have a large number of inodes used even if the disk is not very full.

You will get “no space left on device” errors despite having substantial free space on device. This is due to you might no longer have free inodes. df -h (check free space) / df -i (to check…
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Speedtest Bash Script Linux A simple benchmark script that shows download andĀ uploadĀ speed for multiple locations around the world, CPU speed, and I/O write speed.
The motivation behind this speedtest project is to give you a full picture of your network capabilities. A server serves content, which means…
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