How to enable remote RDP access in Windows 10 Home edition | How to Allow Multiple RDP Sessions in Windows 10×336.jpeg The Remote Desktop Connection client program is available in all editions of Windows including Home and Mobile. The RDP server required access a Windows PC remotely however, is only available on PCs running either Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise editions.

If you look more closely at…
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Top 5 Free Windows / Linux Boot CD (System Rescue Disk) A rescue disc can be a life saver for a SysAdmin. Packed with various diagnostic and repair tools they can do things like fix a Master Boot Record (MBR), recover a password, detect and clean a rootkitor simply allow you to salvage data by transferring it from a damaged drive to another location….
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Has your Windows 10 start menu stopped working after Windows updates? Here is how to fix it

The Start menu made a welcome return in Windows 10 and it’s now the main way to get things done in the latest operating system. When it works, that is. Unfortunately, the Windows 10 Start menu has had some issues. Microsoft has managed to iron out the issues since Windows 10 was first…
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Physical To Virtual (P2V) Windows Migration All Version – Virtualbox / VMware / Hyper-V / Citrix hack

I was working on to migrate an old machine which has some old licensed accounting software that needs to be preserved. The physical hardware is old and beyond repair. Had to attempt a migration so that i could be able to extract necessary database settings, license and misc data from the…
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How to make Windows 10 Auto Reconnect PPTP VPN there is no way to automatically reconnect when connection is dropped. The VPN itself worked quite well in Windows 10 but the auto-connect and reconnect issues are very annoying.

Is there any way to make it auto-reconnect whenever the VPN connection is broken?
Reconnect to VPN automatically…
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Speed up your Windows PC without hardware upgrades

You vs. Applications

Operating systems are great at multi-tasking but they never asked what you want. They assume you want all of the installed applications at the same time when you just wanted to open a word document.

Fast! technology is doing what you want by making sure all of the…
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