Just my RANT! People Problems Progress

https://blog.cripperz.sg/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/all-my-thoughs.png Here comes the bloody RANT!
It has been awhile since i spent time in front of my laptop looking at this blog. Recent events really had got me to a point where i stopped and re-evaluate all the things i do and intended to do. That never change me as a person who believes that you have to keep…
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List of 24 Hours Clinic In Singapore

Just saving this list for myself, i guess others might find it useful too.

Feel like you’re coming down with a flu? Located across the island, here are 24-hour clinics and those that stay open up to 11pm or midnight. Here is a useful list to bookmark for your emergency…
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Meet a new friend with Grab and Tinder!

Meet a new friend with Grab and Tinder!

Buckle up, Grabbers!

We’re taking you with Tinder, the world’s leading social app, to share a day with some of Singapore’s favourite social media personalities!  Simply select the Tinder icon from 11am-4pm this Friday, 19th May, and you…
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